Consider scaffolding, materials waste disposal when thinking about rendering.

How much to render my house?

Our prices are tailored to each individual job to ensure we can organise and provide the customer with the best standard of work possible, using the best materials on the market. 

We will build and provide you a render system that is designed specifically to you property, keeping budget in mind but providing a system that will last and carry a genuine guarantee.

We use the latest renders & machines that allow us to work correctly and with speed. 

Be sure to use an approved applicator and someone with plenty of rendering experience.

Regardless of which business or applicator you choose, we only recommend applicators with a proven track record in all aspects of external rendering.

We advise that you should be very wary of people willing to have a go, who have never applied these types of products before or have very little experience using modern renders. If the finish is not right first time it can be very expensive to correct as in some instances it can be double the initial labour and material cost of the application of the render if it has to be removed and re-done.

  • Scaffolding

We will take care of the scaffolding for you, we use a local scaffolding company who have over 25 years experience and are committed to ensuring the health & safety, the team are all professionally trained and possess a variety of qualifications.

Usually, a 3 bed semi-detached property price can range from approx £650 – £950

  • Materials 

MAC Plastering are approved contractors for all the major rendering manufacturers, meaning we know what materials are suitable for your property.

Material only prices can vary from approx £12 – £25 pm2.

We only use materials from 1 specific render supplier on a property, therefore allowing us to pass on a genuine manufacturers guarantee of up to 25 years to you.

If we use a PAREX top coat, you will have PAREX mesh and PAREX base coat. If you prefer K Rend we will use K Rend mesh and K Rend base coat. We won’t mix and match systems to cut costs and give false guarantees. 

  • Waste disposal

We organise all waste disposal to keep your property clean. we will organise a skip to keep mess to an absolute minimum.

Prices range from £120 – £180. 

  • Non-Reusables 

To keep windows, gutters and everything else on your property clean and tidy MAC Plastering provide

  • Specialist tapes
  • Floor protection
  • Protective films
  • Temporary gutters
  • Temporary downpipes.
  • and anything else we need to keep your property clean.

The last thing we usually do on a project is clean the windows thoroughly.

  • Verdict

Our aim is to provide you with the complete rendering service.

Unfortunately I can’t give prices over the phone as i need to assess all of the above, but I can tell you that we will give you the best possible price which will include 

  • A genuine manufacturers guarantee
  • A genuine applicators guarantee
  • A free 2 year crack repair guarantee 
  • A project that is specifically designed to your property
  • Aftercare, advice & great customer service 
  • Quality Workmanship

Hopefully this article will have given you enough to work out what a reasonable charge is for rendering a property in Sheffield & Rotherham

Re-rendering a property will be a considerable investment, but an investment that will enhance the appearance of your home and more than likely add value.

We will most likely not be the cheapest quote, but our many reviews from the web show we provide you with the best service and quality possible.

If you would like a quotation from MAC Plastering please click to visit our contact page or call us on 07849 946 223 or on 0114 437 2004