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                                 CoskSol Sheffield

CorkSol – Sheffield

CorkSol Render now available in Sheffield

CorkSol Render is a brand new eco-friendly product launched in late 2017 with many benefits, we are pleased to be the first approved applicator for CorkSol Sheffield and one of a few in the country. We and are now offering this product to our customers across Sheffield, Rotherham and the rest of Yorkshire & Derbyshire with full guarantees from both MAC Plastering & CorkSol.

Benefits of CorkSol Sheffield

  • ECO-Friendly
  • Low maintenance & pre-coloured
  • Thermal insulation 
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Durable 
  • 80% breathable / vapour permeable
  • Non toxic
  • Crack bridging, tough & elastic
  • Fire resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Adheres to most backgrounds – Wood – Insulation boards – Metal – UPVC – Existing render – Masonry

                    CorkSol colours available to you

CorkSol can be applied to

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial offices
  • Industrial units/workshops
  • Metal clad/Sheet metal buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Eco-Friendly housing 

With many modern renders on the market providing many different benefits, CorkSol Render is one of the best. Providing a lightly textured coloured coating that is waterproof and highly flexible that can also improve thermal insulation and acoustic insulation, CorkSol is a great alternative to consider when you are considering rendering your property.

This product has recently featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs –

CorkSol video below showing application on Grand Designs. We are based in Sheffield and cover the surrounding areas.

CorkSol Sheffield.

What is CorkSol? See video below.

CorkSol is a flexible, durable render that is made up of shredded cork and resins. The Portuguese cork bark is stripped every 7 years and allowed to grow back providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to other products available.

Can this cover old/poor render?

Yes! CorkSol is ideal to cover old and tired existing render. All that is required is the existing wall is relatively solid and sound. Flaking paint is not a problem and minor repairs can be made ready to receive a coating of CorkSol. CorkSol will knit existing cracks together better than any other render on the market. CorkSol can be applied to a poorly finished or cracked monocouche job.

Does it need painting?

No. The cork comes in various colours and can be cleaned with a low pressure hosepipe.

Does it crack?

No. Due to the elasticity of cork naturally and the resin, CorkSol is probably the most crack resistant render on the market today. In the unlikely event of any problems, this product can be patched to a near perfect match. CorkSol has been perfect for covering tired cracked render that is solid to the walls around Sheffield.

Is it expensive?

If your walls are already rendered and are suffering from flaking paint, cracks and general and tare, CorkSol can help. It can work out up to 40% cheaper than applying monocouche or acrylic render systems with the customer still getting guarantees and a high performing external finish that beats most modern renders.

What guarantees are available?

As always we work closely with the manufacturer and proudly offer their 10 year manufacturers guarantee, which only approved applicators can pass on. We also offer our own 3 year applicators guarantee with cover for crack repairs for peace of mind.

CorkSol – 10 year manufacturers guarantee

MAC Plastering- 3 year applicator guarantee 

CorkSol Render featured on Grand designs now available in Sheffield and surrounding areas.